Sunday, August 17, 2008


This morning I decided to make a doll to go along with the boppy cover.
Meet Rose.
Well, that is her tentative name. I will let her new mommy name her. She has a removable sleeper, her body underneath is the brown scroll fabric. I think she needs a little tuft of hair peeking from under her hat. The hat will be sewn to her head, since I am still debating tuft of hair or no, I haven't attached it yet. Plus I wish the sleeper's fabric had more stretch. It has none, that troubles me with a small child. If they wanted to remove it they might need help.

I had a little trouble with her eyes. They aren't perfect. But part of the charm of a handmade doll is the character they have. Plus, she is a little squishy sweetheart. I adore her, and if my girls didn't already own too many dolls (including lovely handmade dolls from Weir Doll kits I made them 2 Christmases ago) I would have totally given her to one of them.


Amy said...

I LOVE that little dolly! Did she take long to make? Ever thought of selling them? I'd buy one!

Amy said...

I definately would buy one. It'd make a great Christmas gift for my niece.

I'm not that familiar with the differences between wool or polyfil (I'm guessing wool is better?). Also, I live in TX so we'd have to factor shipping to the cost.

In regards to the potty....I'm cautiously optimistic about our recent success. I had a real tough time with my first child. It took a full year before she was completely trained. She seemed to understand number one but when it came to number two, forget about it!

Let me know when you come up with an estimate for the price of the doll.

Oh, and congrats to Gwen (and you!) on her 2 full weeks of panties!